My son and I have been loading up on storybook apps lately; he loooooves story time and I equally enjoy sharing the experience with him. We definitely have our go-to favorites, but we’re always looking to add quality reads to our ever-expanding virtual book shelf. We recently added “The Wrong Side of the Bed” to the rotation and we’ve been reading it over and over again. It’s the fantastical adventure of a boy named Mott Turner who wakes up to a world where everything is turned upside down. There are several qualities that make this book remarkably special. To start, the illustrations, narration, and soundtrack are masterfully created for the iPhone/iPad platform; you have several options to view the illustrations – you can read the book (or have it read to you) in 2D or 3D formats. If you choose the 2D option, you can turn the book upside down to enjoy the pictures from a different perspective. (This is how we read the book – my 19 month old son can’t keep the 3D glasses on.) With the 3D option, you enjoy an extra-dimensional experience, which is augmented by the pan and zoom features that allow you to examine images in further detail. (After purchasing, you can order 3D glasses that are promptly mailed to you.) I’m pleased to report that “The Wrong Side of the Bed” is a charming and endearing story and a welcome and refreshing addition to our ebook collection.

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